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Jerry Roberts was born and raised in Manchester, a small country community outside Detroit, Texas. He grew up with the responsibility of raising cows, chickens and horses. During his early childhood years,  his parents divorced, and he was raised by his grandparents, who brought up in church. One of his dreams was to escape poverty by becoming a professional football player. After graduating from Detroit high school in the year 2000, Jerry left for Iowa where he attended college to play football only to return to Texas after breaking his arm during the first game. Afterward, he completely giving up on life and moved back home. Being filled with anger and disappointment he began a life of drugs, alcohol and gang violence, which led to an imprisonment sentence of five years  and 6 months. While Jerry began to see his need for forgiveness of his sins. He cried out to the Lord Jesus Christ and His presence illuminated every area of his life with unquenchable joy, love, and peace. Jerry fully surrendered his heart to God and began his process of total freedom in Jesus Christ. Every day for hours he read the Bible he received from a rival gang member, who was no a Chistian. He came to know and fall in love with Christ through the pages of the Bible he read for hours every day. 

A Guiding Light for the Community

Jerry Roberts


Today, Jerry is fully surrendered to Christ and is happily married to his wife, Leslie Roberts. They reside in Bogata, Texas, along with their son Jaden. Jerry also has a daughter (Sarai), and another son (DaTavion). They are members of Calvary Chapel, Paris, Texas where Jerry is an Elder and leads a prison ministry known as CCPM. He is employed with Cal-Maine Foods, Red River complex as the Maintenance Manager.


In June, 2019 Jerry posted a video on facebook titled “Protesting isn’t going to change anybody, only Jesus Christ can change hearts” that went viral and received more than 4.8 million views. Since then, doors have opened for him to be a guest speaker on podcasts and radio stations. He has shared the gospel through his testimony at over 100 churches/in-person events and was recently interviewed by Michelle Wilson of CBN. His personal testimony will be aired September 28, 2021.

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